Integration with Chameleon is available for a number of popular web frameworks. The framework will usually provide loading mechanisms and translation (internationalization) configuration.


pyramid_chameleon is a set of bindings that make templates written for the Chameleon templating system work under the Pyramid web framework.

Zope 2 / Plone

Install the package to replace the reference template engine (globally).

Zope Toolkit (ZTK)

Install the package for applications based on the Zope Toolkit (ZTK). Note that you need to explicit use the template classes from this package.


Support for the Grok framework is available in the grokcore.chameleon package.

This package will setup Grok’s policy for templating integration and associate the Chameleon template components for the .cpt template filename extension.


Install the django-chameleon-templates app to enable Chameleon as a template engine.